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see you in hell...

17 January 1983
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i'm a photographer or at least like to say that i am. i have my smart, dirty, greasy, amazing anton and a black cat lil' devil...my tiny family. i own a house and its fucking awesome. i enjoy many things in life but don't always show it. i work at an art studio, however i wouldn’t call myself an artist. and i also do secretive work for upmc…shhhh. i want to go back to school someday, but probably won't. i like to stitch. i have flaws, but who doesn't? i thouroughly enjoy drinking. i have a bad habit of cursing and biting my fingernails. i am obsessed with the taste and smell of jasmine tea. i'm developing a green thumb. i don't have to prove myself to anyone. i don't make friends easily. i hate you. i'm totally becoming domesticated. i'm not a talker. my moods are messy. i'm not affiliated. i don't like many girls. i'm like a cat. i go to the gym and like to run...yeah. i'm pretty lazy when it comes to replying to people.